Terms and conditions

Summary Terms and Conditions:

UK, 25+ only. Purchase necessary. Scan the QR code & enter details by 31/01/2022 to enter draw. Prize: £30,000, 6 x flights + transfers & camera for 1 winner. Internet access & passport required. Max 1 entry per person. Full T&Cs & prize details: CoronaExtra.co.uk/FreeRange. Promoter: AB InBev.

Full Terms and Conditions

  1. This Promotion is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 25 or over who hold a valid passport, excluding employees of the Promoter, its agents and anyone professionally associated with this Promotion.
  2. The Promoter encourages responsible drinking and would direct consumers to read http://www.drinkaware.co.uk for more information.
  3. Purchase is necessary plus internet access and a valid email address are required.
  4. Promotion Period: Enter between 00.00 GMT on the 18 November 2021 and 23.00 GMT on the 31st January 2022 inclusive.
  5. To Enter: Purchase a Promotional Pack from a participating store and scan the QR code or visit www.coronaextra.co.uk/freerange and complete the online form to provide your details (full name, DOB and email address) and answer the question ‘How would you spend your time as a Free Range Human?’ to be entered into the Prize Draw.
  6. Maximum of 1 entry is permitted per person during the Promotion Period.
  7. The Prize: There will be 1 winner. The winner will win 1 x £30,000 cash, 6 x return flights, an allowance towards transfers plus a Canon 850D camera.
  8. Further Entry and Prize Details and Conditions:
    1. By accepting the Prize, the winner gives their permission for any images taken whilst using the Prize to be used by the Promoter without further compensation, over and above the award of the prize, for up to one year for promotion purposes from the date of capturing the image. Copyright will remain with the entrant. However, by entering this Promotion, the entrant agrees to the Promoter publishing these images on their website and possible further use on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. They also agree to other possible promotional use in media of the Promoter’s choosing without any further payment, over and above the award of the prize, for up to one year from the date of entry but with appropriate credit given to the original entrant.
    2. The winner has 12 months in which to use the 6 x return flights. This 12-month period will commence exactly 3 months after the date of prize acceptance (see clause 15 for further detail).
    3. The winner must take their first trip within 3 months from the date of prize acceptance.
    4. The winner must make a minimum of 4 trips throughout the 12-month period and each trip must be a minimum duration of 7 days.
    5. The winner must take 1 trip in every 3-month period, commencing from the date of their first trip.
    6. Trips cannot be booked during the following holidays:
      1. Christmas
      2. New Year
      3. East
      4. Valentine’s Day
    7. Should the winner not take their first trip within the first 3 months or any subsequent trips within the stipulated 3 monthly period window, the Promoter reserves the right to cease the monthly Prize payments which will be forfeited by the winner, along with all further monthly Prize payments, and will no longer be due to the winner as part of the Prize.
    8. The winner must commit to providing 30 images per trip and 500 words about each trip to be used as content (“content”) by the Promoter on their website. Images must be provided to the Promoter throughout each trip and all content must have been submitted to the Promoter a maximum of 10 days after the conclusion of each trip.
    9. All content must receive prior approval by the Promoter before being posted by the winner on their own social media channels and any content not approved by the Promoter will not be permitted, nor count towards the stipulated amount of content required per trip as stated above.
    10. Content must be in line with the guidelines that will be provided by the Promoter and will be reviewed in line with clause 16 below, plus the quality of the content and its relation to the theme of Free Range, prior to approval.
    11. £30,000 Cash:
      1. The £30,000 cash will be paid in monthly instalments to the winner over a 12-month period.
      2. The first payment will be made at the end of the month in which the winner takes their first trip and will follow subsequently for a further 11 months.
      3. The winner must have a valid UK bank account.
      4. The winner is responsible for providing correct bank account details and the Promoter will not be liable for any Prize payments made into the wrong bank account.
      5. Prize money must not be used toward payment toward any activity item or product that will jeopardise or damage the health and/or safety of the winner, including but not limited to:
        1. Any activities that would be deemed illegal either in the country that the winner is visiting or in the UK (regardless of where the winner visits);
        2. Consumption or intake of any illegal substance whatsoever;
        3. Excessive consumption of alcohol or unhealthy products or those that have a high fat, sugar or salt content;
        4. Gambling of any nature whatsoever.
    12. 6 x return flights and transfers:
      1. The total value of all 6 return flights must not exceed the sum of £15,000.
      2. The flights will be to 6 different locations of the winner’s choice, subject to the discretion of the Promoter. The Promoter’s decision will be final on such matters.
      3. The winner must provide their choice for all six flights together at the same time and a minimum of 1 month in advance of taking the Prize.
      4. Flights cannot be booked which land on the following holidays:
        1. Christmas
        2. New Year
        3. Easter
        4. Valentine’s day
      5. The Promoter will have final discretion on all elements and aspects of how the prize is organised including final dates of any trip. Once the prize details, including dates, flights, locations and itinerary (where applicable) is confirmed, this cannot be amended or altered by the winner.
      6. Flights cannot be booked to any country or region where there are currently, or are anticipated to become, warzones or areas of turmoil of any nature.
      7. The flights will be economy class only with one suitcase included which must comply with the Airline’s Conditions of Carriage regarding weight and size. Any excess baggage charges are the sole responsibility of the winner on all flights.
      8. Once tickets have been issued, they are only valid for flights, dates and times shown. No alternatives are available. Name changes to the flight once confirmed are not permitted.
      9. The winner must abide by and is subject to the Airline’s published Conditions of Carriage.
      10. Lounge passes and upgrades are not permitted; Flights cannot be used in conjunction with any loyalty programme, any other discount, discount coupon(s) or voucher(s), promotion(s) or special offer.
      11. Flight extras are not included in the prize (flight extras include, but are not limited to, on-board meals and drinks).
      12. The winner will receive a £200 allowance per flight to be against transfers.
      13. Travel insurance to include worldwide cover, excluding cruises and winter sports will be provided but will not cover any previous or existing medical conditions. Further terms and conditions regarding the level of travel insurance cover can be found here: https://travelinsurance1.postoffice.co.uk/Content/POMS/files/Documents/IPID/V9/PostOfficeIpidPremiercoverCOL.pdf .
    13. Each entrant grants to the Promoter a non-revocable, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use the copyright and other intellectual property rights vesting in any content produced whilst on the trip for all purposes connected with this Promotion, including but not limited to display on the Promoter’s website and any other website of the Promoter or its agents/contractors choosing and use of the entry, or part(s) of the entry, in marketing materials relating to this Promotion for up to one year. Each entrant also grants the Promoter and its agents/contractors the right to moderate, modify or remove any entry if it is deemed unsuitable, in whole or in part, for display on the Promotion website or in any materials relating to the Promotion. Entrants hereby represent and warrant that they have all rights necessary to grant the licence and rights provided for in this paragraph and that all materials forming part of their entry to this Promotion, and any use of such materials by or on behalf of the Promoter, comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and do not infringe or otherwise violate the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.
    14. By entering this Promotion, all entrants hereby grant the Promoter (or the Promoter’s designee) the exclusive right to film, tape, sound record and photograph all their activities in connection with the Promotion and (if applicable) any prizes. Everything filmed, taped or recorded by the Promoter (or the Promoter’s designee) shall be known as “Footage”.
    15. Should the winner breach any of the above conditions their Prize will be terminated immediately and forfeited in full.
    16. Any decision regarding whether the winner has breached any of the above conditions is at the sole discretion of the Promoter.
  9. The travel element of the prize shall be subject to government COVID-19 travel restrictions in place at the relevant time. If the Prize cannot be taken due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the winner will be offered alternative locations that are possible to travel to, or the monthly Prize payments and the 12-month duration of the Prize (outlined in clause 8b.) will be temporarily suspended until travel restrictions are lifted.
  10. Finalist Selection: 10 finalists will be randomly selected from all valid entries received during the Promotion Period (subject to moderation). The random draw will be conducted by PromoVeritas, the independent promotional verification service, within 3 working days of the end of the Promotion Period.
  11. Finalist Notification: The 10 finalists will be contacted via the email address provided on entry within 5 working days of Winner Selection and will be asked to answer and the following questions within 14 days of Finalist Notification:
    • Do you agree with the Corona Value System? If so, how?
    • You’ll need to visit at least 4 countries over the course of the year. Which countries are you thinking of visiting?
    • You will need to take and share high quality photos each month (at least 30) to be shared on Corona’s social network
    • You’ll need to keep a blog of your experiences and share it with us
    • What would you do with your time as a Free Range Human that positively impacts the environment and the communities around you?
    Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the Finalists. If any Finalist does not respond to the initial contact within 14 days, or they are deemed ineligible to accept the Prize, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify that entrant and to select to a reserve Finalist selected in the same manner. Reserve Finalists may have less time to respond.
  12. Winner Selection: These questions and their answers will be used to assess and score each entry within 20 working days from the close of the Promotion to select 1 winner in accordance with the following criteria:
    1. Providing Unique perspective
    2. Free Range Attitude
    3. Passion
  13. The entry with the highest score will be deemed the winner.
  14. Winner Notification: The provisional winner will be contacted via the email address provided on entry within 5 working days of the Winner Selection being completed. Once eligibility has been confirmed and they have accepted the Prize, they will then be confirmed as the winner. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the provisional winner. If the provisional winner does not respond to the initial contact within 14 days, or they are deemed ineligible to accept the Prize, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify that entrant and award the Prize to a reserve winner selected in the same manner. Reserve winners may have less time to respond.

    Prize Acceptance: The winner will be notified within 28 days of acceptance of the Prize to arrange fulfilment of the Prize. In the unlikely event that a winner has not received communication to arrange their prize within 28 days of Prize Acceptance, the winner will have a further 28 days to inform the Promoter by emailing coronafreerange@promowinners.com. If the winner does not do so, the Promoter reserves the right to not reissue the Prize or limit its value at its sole discretion.
  15. Moderation: The Promoter reserves the right to reject entries which, in the reasonable opinion of the Promoter:
    1. are in breach of the Terms & Conditions;
    2. contain any content that is offensive, harmful, objectionable or which is otherwise unsuitable for publication including with respect to race, religion, origin or gender, or which could reflect negatively upon the name, reputation or goodwill of the Promoter or any brand partner;
    3. contains or refers to any unauthorised third-party brand or reference any third-party names, logos and/or trademarks;
    4. promotes any political agenda.
  16. Provided no objection from the winner is received, a winner list containing the surname and county of residence of the winner will be made available by the Promoter 4 weeks after the close of the Promotion Period, for a period of 8 weeks. It will be at www.coronaextra.co.uk/freerange/winner. Winners can object to their surname or county of residence being published or request for the amount of information being published to be reduced during the Winner Notification process. However, without prejudice, the Promoter will provide winner information to the Advertising Standards Authority on reasonable request.
  17. The Promoter may request that the winners participate in reasonable publicity arising from the Promotion. Participation is at the winner’s discretion and is not a condition of Prize Acceptance. The capturing of images whilst using the Prize is, however, conditional to Prize Acceptance, and can remain anonymous.
  18. The Promoter seeks to run a fair and secure promotions and prevent abuse and cheating. If you enter in a way that is not consistent with these Terms & Conditions, your entries (and any of your associated aliases) will be disqualified, any Prize awarded may be void and recoverable, and the Promoter reserves the right to bar you from entering future promotions for a period of at least six months. For this reason, the Promoter reserves the right at any point to:
    1. Verify the eligibility of entrants and/or provisional winners by requesting such information it consider reasonably necessary for this purpose. Entry or a Prize may be withheld unless and until verification is completed satisfactorily.
    2. Disqualify entries that are not made directly by the individual entering the Promotion.
    3. Disqualify entries made using anonymous email services such as, but not limited to, GuerillaMail, Dispostable or Mailinator.
    4. Disqualify bulk entries from individuals, trade, consumer groups or third parties, incomplete entries and entries submitted by macros or other automated means.
    5. Disqualify entries beyond the maximum allowed, or those using techniques such as ‘script’, ‘brute force’, multiple SIM cards for Text entries, masking identity by manipulating IP addresses, using aliases or identities other than their own or any other means.
    6. Disqualify entries which, in some other way, do not fully meet the requirements of these Terms & Conditions.
  19. The Prize is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for monetary value or for any other form of compensation. If for any reason any element of the Prize is not available, the Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion to substitute that element for another of equal or greater value.
  20. If the Promotion is not capable of running as planned for reasons including but not limited to tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, dishonesty, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of the Promoter which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process or does not comply with these Terms & Conditions, or invalidate any affected entries and/or to cancel, modify or suspend the Promotion.
  21. No responsibility can be taken for entries which are lost, delayed, corrupted, damaged, misdirected or incomplete or which cannot be delivered for any technical, delivery or other reason. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt. The Promoter does not guarantee continuous or secure access to www.coronaextra.co.uk/freerange
  22. The Promoter and its associated agencies and companies are not liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense or damage which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this Promotion or accepting or using the/a Prize(s), except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. Nothing will exclude the Promotor’s liability for death or personal injury as a result of its negligence.
  23. The Promoter will not be liable for any delay or failure to comply with its obligations for reasons beyond its reasonable control arising from but not limited to Acts of God, global or regional epidemic or pandemic, adverse weather conditions, fire, industrial dispute, war, terrorist activity, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, plague or other natural calamities, or any other circumstances of the Promoter.
  24. All personal data supplied for this Promotion will be used solely for the purpose of this Promotion by the Promoter and/or by any agent appointed by it to assist with running the Promotion and will not be disclosed to an unconnected third party unless your positive consent has been obtained. Your personal data will be handled in accordance with the Promoter’s privacy policy, available at: https://www.budweiser.com/privacy-policy
  25. If any part/s of these Terms & Conditions are legally ruled to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remainder will not be affected and will continue in full force and effect.
  26. By entering, you will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.
  27. If there is a discrepancy between these Terms & Conditions and those in any promotional material, these Terms & Conditions will prevail.
  28. These Terms & Conditions are governed by English law and their interpretation and application will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Promoter: Budweiser Brewing Company, AB InBev UK Limited, 90 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1EN